“When I think of Rene three words come to mind — Compassion – Loving – and Truthful. I have had the privileges of being counseled by Rene. She is the epitome of what a solid — caring — smart — intuitive counselor is and should be. Under the direct guidance of Rene — she has given me the tools to deal with life on life’s terms and then supported me with the love and attention to endure those times. My life has gotten exponentially better in ALL areas because I have taken her guidance and direction very seriously .She is the diamond in the rough and will not sugar coat things but will be honest and compassionate.” – Eden K 


I started my journey with Rene 11 years ago. I was a very sick unemployable hard drug user. My relationship with my then boyfriend and children was fractured and destroyed. I wanted to renew my relationship with God but felt unworthy. Today I’m employed, married to my boyfriend, and have a beautiful relationship, with him and my children again. The best part of all of this is my relationship with God. Rene has taught and guided me into the life I have today. I’m drug free and living a life of freedom, joy, and love. She’s loving, kind, honest, and free of judgement. The best decision I made 11 years ago was asking her for help. – Sherri B